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Travelling To Bali For The First Time

7 Tips You Must Note Before Traveling to Bali for the First Time

Is this your first time to come to Bali for a vacation? Then stay with us a bit longer because we have prepared some good tips you will need before traveling to Bali. These tips will be quite helpful during your trip in the island. Moreover, they will ensure you to have some great experiences there.

1. Bring Your Family or Friends

There are plenty of things we can do or places we can visit in Bali. However, it will not be fun to do them all alone. Hence, bring your family or friends to join your vacation. They can tone up the atmosphere, and all of you will have some memorable moments together.

2. Prepare Your Airplane Ticket

Once we arrive in the city, we certainly want to explore it right away. But, before you do that, make sure to book your airplane ticket to return home first. By that, you will not have to fuss yourself with unnecessary trouble. You only need to pack your stuff and go to the airport immediately.

3. Book Your Hotel

One of the most important things you must do before traveling to Bali is booking a hotel. Choose the hotel that you think can make you comfortable. We suggest you to look for one around Ubud. It is because this location is quite calm and far from noises. Hence, you can take your time to relax peacefully.

4. Bring Enough Clothes

Since this is your first time to travel to Bali, there is no need for you to bring too many clothes. Just take some of them which you think you will need like jacket, trousers, shoes, sandals, shirts, etc. Do not forget to bring your swimsuit if you want to swim around or join water sport games.

5. Take Some Medicines

Medicine is also important to prepare for this trip, especially when you are under a certain medication. You can bring some with you which can take care of health conditions like jet lag, dizziness, or nausea. If you forget to take them, there are several drugstores you can visit in Bali.

6. Visit Popular Places in Bali

Traveling to Bali means visiting a lot of popular spots. As we have mentioned before, this city has a number of places which are often visited by tourists. Those places are Ubud, Uluwatu, Tanah Lot, and many more. Each of them has their own characteristics, including the temples, history, or even art performances.

7. Book a Reputable Tour Company

If you want to book a tour company, you must observe the Bali Tour packages they offer. You have to make sure that they already include entrance ticket and Bali private car for your transportion. Also, you have to check whether the company has licenses as shown below:

License: PT Bali Gatesindo Infojaya

License No: 551.21/2929/I/DISPAR/

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